Need to decide on a receiver to bench

Who would you bench between Allen Robinson, Robby Anderson, Cooper Kupp, and Emmanuel Sanders for week 1?

I can start 3 of them. It’s 0.5 PPR

Good problem to have.

I’d sit Robby, but this is like splitting hairs, a bit, I think.

A-Rob’s supposed to be the man in Chicago; Coop is a potential ppr monster, and Manny has looked like the best WR in Denver all summer.

Robby, on the other hand, played to his ceiling at the end of last year, has a rookie throwing to him, and only emerged after Enunwa went down; Enunwa’s back.

Others may disagree, but that’s my choice…


Ballers Sit/Start tool says bench A-Rob. BUT, I disagree. I’d let Kupp or Anderson ride the bench week 1.

Anderson scares me this year because he has a rookie QB and a healthy squad of receiving threats.
I think I’m benching Kupp.

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Hmm, yeah the ballers are down on Robinson, but I agree I’d much rather sit either Anderson or Kupp. I’ll bench Robby given the unknown at QB. Thanks guys!

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Hey what is this ballers sit/start tool? Would you mind telling me how to find it? Thanks!

Check the home page of the site. Enter player name to analyze.

Click on their Rankings tab, and it should appear at the top of the page.

I’d bench Robby Anderson just because I don’t trust Sam Darnold yet. I’d rather take my chances with A-Rob and Mitch for now.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot!

Kupp has the least clear path to targets even as the PPR guy. He is the third best receiver on a team that has Todd Gurley. He will get targets, but he isn’t the number 1 or 2 option. He is 3 or 4. It worked out last year, but that offense spreads the ball around.

I would sit him and go with Anderson (even with the rookie starting). Anderson’s ceiling last year was a top 5-7 WR for a stretch of multiple games. Kupp doesn’t have that ceiling.

If you need a floor play, sure, go Kupp. He is probably pretty safely getting 5-6 targets, and will catch 4-5 of those.

Go with Kupp he is going to kill it this season

Im benching Anderson in Week 1

Found it! Although when I click “see results” it just refreshes the page with no results. Anyways, thanks for the help.