Need to drop 1 for a Kicker?!

Just had my draft last friday, what do you think of my team? Where are weaknesses? And, who would you drop in order to add a kicker. It’s a full PPR league! Also, Sterling Shephard is available on waivers, anyone taking him over my WR group???

Thanks in advance!

QB- Cam & Jameis
RB- McCaffrey, D. Cook, Damien Williams, Fournette, and Miles Sanders
WR- JuJu, Mike Williams, B. Cooks, Tyler Lockett, Dede, Marvin Jones Jr., and Curtis Samuel
TE- Hooper
K- ???
D- Browns

easy, drop the spare QB. if cam doesnt come back week 1, drop samuel because that is unfortunately your best option otherwise.


Ya I’d drop Jameis. Especially with Rivera coming out today saying he’s very confident Cam will be ready for Week 1

You could also look to package trade for an upgrade, and that’ll free up a roster spot as well.


Biggest weakness? Would you say WR? I definitely don’t mind the Cam/McCaffrey stack!

Definitely WR or TE. I’d probably package Fournette and Curtis Samuel (or Hooper) for a nice upgrade there from someone RB weak.

Looked through the league, would you consider Calvin Ridley an upgrade? I just don’t know if I can trust him with only 1 year under his belt…

Do you like Delanie Walker better than Hooper?

I don’t know how often you’d be starting Ridley over the other guys, so probably not. I’d target someone closer to the Robert Woods tier. Maybe Edelman?

And no I wouldn’t consider Walker an upgrade. Someone more like Cook or Howard.