Need To drop 1

12 Team Full PPR. I didn’t draft a Defense.

Tyler Lockett
Chris Thompson
Adrian Peterson
Chris Thompson
Duke Johnson
Kenny Stills.

Who do I drop? I’m leaning towards Peterson, but seems he may have locked up the starting role. Thoughts???

drop the 2nd chris thompson. Case closed.


Depends on your WR vs your RB depth.

Probably dropping AP though.

I would drop Kenny stills. why drop a rb that has a decent chance of being the starter?

The Rest of my Team is :
WR Michael Thomas, Corey Davis, Josh Gordon, Julian Edelman
RB Zeke, mixon, Alex Collins…

I think I probably have more depth at WR.

Because that team is awful. And hes 34 years old. And we saw this script play out last year. You’re going to force yourself to play him, and he’s going to give you like 2 weeks above 8 points all season.

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Drop AP. Redskins are shaping up to be dumpster fire in the backfield. I don’t want any part of any of them.

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I would drop Stills. RB value always trumps the replaceable value of a WR. If AP has one good week, you could potentially package him with another bench player and upgrade at a position.

In a full PPR, an aged AP on a pretty bad team is less useful than the rest of these guys.

Lockett: just got shown the $$ and Baldy will not be at full speed all season
Thompson: pass catching back on a team that will need him badly.
Duke: see Thompson, directly above
Stills: probably the no. 1 in MIA (check out reception perception for why you shouldn’t drop him).

Drop AP


Thanks everyone!


btw…I don’t agree that you have more depth at WR.

Thomas is great, but that’s about it. Davis is unproven and while we all love Gordon, there are no guarantees there, either. They’re pretty big “ifs” and Edelman won’t be there to help you for four games. If Harmon on Reception Perception is right about Stills, you’ll really regret it if you follow the advice to drop him.

Meanwhile, Zeke, Mixon, Collins is a onetwothree punch that any sane fantasy owner would relish having to start the season.

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