Need to drop 2 for D/ST + Kicker

This is a half point keeper league and I didn’t draft a defense or kicker. I’m wondering if I should just drop olsen and AP because of the keeper value of miller and fant. thoughts?

Noah Fant (14th)
Greg Olsen (13th)
Anthony Miller (11th)
Adrian Peterson (10th)

My other RBs:
Saquon, Kerryon, Josh Jacobs, Kalen Ballage, Breida

Other WRs:
Robert Woods, Robby Anderson, Marvin Jones, Emman Sanders

Can the drops wait? I’d try wait until the season starts. Never know what might happen until then. Kicker and defense is a lot easier to replace at last second

yeah, they can for sure wait. just wanted to get some opinions leading up to it and i’d still need a def/kicker for week 1

I’d drop a TE I think not sure who else. Maybe an injury or trade makes the decision easier.

Agree with others to wait as long as possible.

Fant is a clear drop candidate, regardless of keeper league. And possibly Ballage.

Can you post your entire roster?

I’m dropping Fant and AP, rarely would you be able to play AP over 3 of your other backs. Even if Guice ends up hurting himself again (granted he looked good the other night), I like your 3 workhorses and Breida has looked good.

sweet. thanks for the advice man!