Need to Drop 2 from my Roster

Hey everyone,

At live drafts, I never pick a kicker or a DST. I love this method, EXCEPT that I always struggle on who to drop to make room for the K and DST.

This is my Roster,
QB: Luck
RB: R. Freeman, McKinnon, Lynch, K. Johnson, Crowell, M. Mack
WR: K. Allen, AJ Green, Landry, M. Jones, S. Shepherd, DJAX, J. Brown
TE: Trey Boo Boo

I am leaning towards dropping John Brown and Marlon Mack.

Anyone have any other suggestions or thoughts why I shouldnt drop those two?

Thanks in advance.

I think Mack is the right choice, with the hamstring injury and 3 different RBs that could get the Colts starting job hes far from a number 1 RB lock even when healthy.

I would consider Djax over J. Brown for your WR. With Winston out the first 3 games I think the passing game will be drastically lacking at TB and he could easily be picked back up off waivers in week 2-4 if you still believe in him. J. Brown is looking like the WR2 at the Ravens and even though Flacco isnt a high volume QB any more, his deep ball has been solid the last few years. Mike Wallace in 2016 finished with 72/1071/4 line as the deep ball option in BAL and I see J. Brown having a chance to reach that this year.

I would drop Mack and Djax aswell. John Brown is looking good this year and alot of hype out of camp for him. I like the upside with Brown and he is a good WR. I could see WR2 for Brown this year and WR3 at best for Djax.

Thanks guys, I did not even think about how John Brown has had a huge preseason hype. I dropped DJAX and mack.


Id drop Crowell over Mack.

At least Mack has some upside. Bilal Powell is gonna start over Crowell.

Djax and Brown.

there are other fish in the sea…

Meh, agree to disagree. I think Crowell has more upside then Mack. I could see Crowell getting the starting job

I honestly wouldn’t. I’ll make q trade instead, 3 for 1. That’s the real beauty of doing this. You can make big trades will less repercussions. So what I would do is look at big hype guys that might sell higher, like jones or Landry. Pair it with another like McKinnon or lynch, and then add in a 3rd like mack or Crowell and target a better RB. But if you dont want to trade, mack and brown are good choices, or mack and Jackson. I would lean Jackson cause brown has q path to being the number 1 WR in Baltimore, and if I can keep a number 1 on a team over what is looking to be a slot guy, I do it usually.