Need to drop 2!

I have Kerryon,Sony michel Adrian Peterson and James conner.who to drop?

why do you have to drop?

Yea, why are you dropping and who are you dropping for?

To add a kicker and a te.only have 5 bench spots and dropped them to add a few players before the start of week 1,in case of injuries

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Not Conner for sure.

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What does the rest of your team look like? How many teams in the league?

12 team half per

Qb Stafford
Rbs Melvin Gordon and Alex Collins
Wrs d hop and Larry fitz
Flex Chris Hogan
Mark Ingram
Allen Robinson
Sony Michel
Kerryon Johnson
Dion Lewis
James conner
Adrian Peterson
My league is on to me and noone wants to trade knowing I have to drop someone to fill out my roster

Kerryon and AP for me, Kerryon there is a good chance you can add back later on this season because I believe it will be a while before he breaks out since there are 4 RBs there, and AP is old and will be very hit or miss this year so I like Michel’s upside over AP’s for sure and Conner is in way too good of a situation right now to drop. Would make the drops and attempt to move Conner to the Le’v owner for something and then attempt to get back one of the RBs you end up dropping but with benches as short as they are waivers/free agents have to be pretty decent.

Peterson is easy drop.
I would hold Conner unless you can get a good trade, otherwise I’m dropping.

Kerryon/Michel are potential league winners. I’m not dropping them for Conner in any of my leagues.

Yeah,only 5 bench spots makes for really difficult in season decisions.they voted for short benches a year ago.

do you have an IR spot?

If so hold on until you find out if Michel is out (he is trending that way) and slide him into ir, and grab one of the guys you need. The other drop for me is peterson. Ideally id be looking to trade Conner+someone else for an upgrade at some position. That would open a bench spot and improve your roster

No ir…2 have to go