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Need to drop a TE


I’m in a PPR league with defensive players. I have Kwon Alexander and with the bucs game being postponed I have to pick up another LB for week 1. Yes I can drop Kwon but I don’t know that I want to since he’s the #2 overall LB. My TE situation is terrible, I missed out and ended up with Doyle (which isn’t bad with Luck but no Luck for a couple weeks…pun) and I picked up Vance McDonald after the draft to stash in case he pans out for PIT.

I want opinions on which of the 3 I should drop…thanks!


Not familiar with IDP values but I see McDonald and Doyle as a wash. Especially with Luck being out for the foreseeable future.

If Kwon is the #2 Overall at his position and Doyle and McDonald might not even be top 12 at their positions I think the smart choice would be to drop a TE.

Hit the road Jack.