Need to drop a WR to add a RB, which one?

Here are my WRs: Keenan Allen, Alshon Jeffery, Kelvin Benjamin, Sterling Shepard, Devante Parker, and Corey Davis. btw, my RBs are Hunt, Gordon, and Coleman. Which WR would you drop?

Try to trade one

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I’ve tried. My league seems to ignore the idea of trades. We’re into week 10 and no trades have happened. I approached teams for trades and they either ignore me, or come back with ridiculous counters. The one trade I proposed and was accepted was vetoed by the other owner ten minutes after accepting.

I approached the owner with Doug Martin and Ameer Abdullah last week and this week. Last week he indicated he was interested in my WRs. This week he said he was only interested in my RBs (Hunt, Gordon, and “maybe” Coleman). Or, maybe Keenan Allen.

So that all said… which of my WRs would you suggest dropping?

I would just say to the league that the trade deadline is coming and he your are in the need for a WR your are open to trade talks. I would package 2WRs together for 1 or HUNT for a RB/WR combo.

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I’d drop Davis. I can’t see a scenario where you’d start him over any of your other options.

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Thanks… while the promise of Davis is pretty high (fast, good size and great hands) I believe you are correct.

That’s unfortunate. I’d drop Davis as well. I can’t imagine a league would veto a Doug Martin trade at this point. Leagues like that are tough

To clarify… the trade offered and accepted didn’t involve Doug Martin. It was my Jordan reed for his Amari Cooper. It was before he had his one breakout game (and ironically, before Reeds one breakout game). The owner was fustrated with Coopers horrible play. ten minutes later he said he thought it over and “acted too quickly” accepting the trade. Though we text messaged each other discussing it and he agreed before I made the offer. I didn’t make a fuss about pulling out of the agreed upon deal.