Need to drop one for a kicker (i know i know)

Need to drop one of the following for a kicker to stream:

QBs: Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen
RBS: Mixon, Freeman, Montgomery, Sanders, Shady
WRs: Hopkins, Godwin, DJax, Robby Anderson, Kirk, and Pettis

So far Ive been hesitating between Shady and Pettis, but Shady has still been performing solidly during preseason, and the rest of my RB core each has issues of injury, bad offense, or committee. Pettis is unknown for his role on the team, but its still seemingly WR1 for a Shanahan offense.

Thoughts footclan?

I’d drop Pettis or Josh Allen. Pettis is still playing in the 4th quarter of preseason because he needs to “earn his role” according to the coach, and Josh Allen will prob be on the wire still if you ever want to stream him over Lamar.

I would not drop a player for a kicker until you absolutely have to.

If you have to do it now, the player to drop is Josh Allen.