Need to drop one of my players

Okay, redraft league, got a little fancy trading away stafford for Diontae Johnson, but I now need to drop an WR to pick up a QB. My options are Antonio Brown, Jamarr Chase, Corey Davis, and Leviska Shenault. I hate selling low on Jamarr.

Yeah, Iā€™d probly dump the 3rd WR for the crappy team with a rookie QB.

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i would drop Shenault.

im not personally a fan of Chase this year, or rookie wrs in general. but you drafted him so you might as well give it some time and see how he looks.

you can easily get another player of Shenaults caliber later on in the year if you need to so its not a big deal.

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I traded for chase but its still the same deal, I bought before he hit his current worth and its just hard to sell at such a loss.

Well, everyone says to drop Shenault, so why are you still worried about dropping Chase?

Try trading Chase for someone who was drafted in his round or later. Maybe you could get a Herbert or Rodgers. If not, I would think it would be easy to get a Brady/Tannehill and maybe upgrade another position.