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Need to drop one


I didn’t draft a kicker to think on keeping a late round Maclin or J. Rodgers. I don’t own Doug Martin. Help deciding.


depends on your WR depth and how many teams in your league. If you are a 10 team or less, I think you can drop Mac. If your 12 or more, Mac may be a good stash. I also think Rodgers will be a good streamer for the first 5 weeks. However, there are mur murs of Chris Sims possibly taking over in the absence of the Muscle Hamster. I know a lot of players who will actually play without a kicker and make that kind of decision on Monday before MNF.


Nice breakdown. Thanks Rfaye. It’s a 10 team PPR and I’m pretty set at WR with Cooper, Tate, Hilton and Robinson. So I could wait until Monday night to see if I need to drop either and drop Rodgers for Kai Forbath if necessary. Perfect. Thanks!


just be careful of other teams recognizing that you don’t have a kicker. I have actually picked up kickers to block a guy that I was playing without a kicker from taking a kicker MNF.