Need to drop someone for a defense... Who?

I’d rather keep them all to have more chances but I gotta get a defense on the team. I’ve got Josh Jacobs and Kenyan Drake starting.

Out of those, at this very moment, I’d drop pollard or edmunds.

That’s where I was leaning. I do have that’s Drake so I was thinking I keep Edmonds as insurance, but then if something happens to Zeke I’ve got even more lol

I only have 1 QB in Stafford. The guy who has Zeke has Minshew on his bench. Would he be worth trying to trade for with Pollard?

To Many handcuffs, pollard in my opinion, I wouldn’t do anything till late next week though

Yeah I’d like to wait but the defense I really wanted just got dropped so I gotta claim them. And my team is so stacked that I was able to do this lol