Need to Drop someone for a Kicker

Full PPR. 12 Team.

I dropped my Kicker after the draft so I need to pick one up here soon.
Drop candidates:
Bryce Love
Alexander Mattison
Chris Thompson.

I still have CEH, Drake, Conner, and Jon Taylor on my roster so I won’t need an immediate flex starter like CT. But at the same time, I lean Love as the drop because he’s looking like just a handcuff on what should be one of the worst offenses in football. Thoughts?

My vote is Love for the reason you said. You know what you have in Mattison and who knows, Cook may still hold out beginning week one. Thompson is the starting Rb and he already knows the offense. Week 1 you will know what Cook’s mindset is and if Thompson is gonna be a good (tradable) asset. Outside of rb injuries in Washington (and even then), I think Love’s floor & ceiling is the lowest.

Right now I’d say love. Thompson’s has more value and same with Mattison. Cool can still turn around and not play. And Gibson will probably get the work in Washington