Need to drop to roster a K -- Who to drop?

So I didn’t end up drafting a kicker because there was just so much value at the back end of my draft. But now I’m tasked with having to drop someone in order to roster a K this week. Who would you drop?

Roster Breakdown
QB: Wentz, Stafford
RB: Johnson, Mixon, Drake, D. Lewis, Coleman, Brieda
WR: M. Thomas, D. Adams, D. Thomas, Fuller, Cole
TE: Engram, Burton
DEF: New Orleans

yeah this is why i take a K so i don’t have to deal with this lol. First question can you move Wentz to IR? Yahoo lets someone who’s out be moved to IR spot. Otherwise i’m probably dropping Wentz because we don’t know his return timeline, but that’s just me. you could easily argue brieda as the least likely used RB, or Burton/Engram because who needs more than 1 TE as well.

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Unfortunately no IR slots in our league. I picked Wentz because he was still hanging around in the 11th round – I couldn’t pass it up! Lol

Thanks for the suggestions. I was kind of leaning Breida at the moment, possibly Fuller.

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I would try and 2 for one a trade with some and see if you can get a player you want back and open up a a spot that way. If that doesn’t work I guess it would be Wentz or Brieda.

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i would drop evan engram or wentz

Is that a lack of faith in Engram this year, the other talent around him or a combo of both? Just curious on the opinion of Engram.

im just not a fan of holding 2 TE
I think he will be good this year just a little worse than last year

Drop wentz is the answer, but you are probably a Philly fan so flip engram to some one in a 2 for 1. Burton if you have to.

Actually not a Philly fan. Just thought he was a steal in the 11th and hoping for quick return and top 5 upside like he had last year. But I get where you’re coming from, he’s just taking up space until he returns – whenever that is.

I agree with what Mike said. If they win this week it’s not crazy to see them 4-0 without wentz. Pretty easy schedule after tomorrow