Need to fill orphan ASAP and league will draft

Like the subject says, I need to fill a team and then our league can draft.

For this year this team is discounted to $45.
Platform is
0.5 ppr.


Team Purple
Minshew, Gardner
Prescott, Dak
Winston, Jameis
Brown, Malcolm
Gordon, Melvin
Gurley, Todd
Hill, Justice
Mostert, Raheem
Samuels, Jaylen
Scarbrough, Bo
Allison, Geronimo
Amendola, Danny
Bourne, Kendrick
Boykin, Miles
Conley, Chris
Cooks, Brandin
Gage, Russell
Godwin, Chris
Harry, N’Keal
Johnson, Diontae
Shepard, Sterling
Tate, Auden
Ertz, Zach
Fells, Darren
Hollister, Jacob
25 Total Players

How much is the team normally?

Normally it’s $50 a year. A small discount, but the picks that I forgot to also past are as follows: 1.07, 3.07, 4.07, and 5.07.