Need to get rid of Conner

I want to trade Conner asap, i have carson and gordon as my rb1 and 2. I want to trade him for either kerryon or mike evans, but nobody in my league likes to trade so im wondering if id be overpaying if i added my josh gordon or john brown to the trade, so my 2 for their 1. Im also streaming qbs right now with jameis, is there a solid qb1 i could get straight up for conner? Would that even make sense? Hard to figure out what to make of his situation

I feel like conner is very good it’s just the Steelers are terrible and they involve samuels too much who is not better than Conner at all.

Conner has been solid but not the rb1 numbers we are looking for. I think Evans for Conner straight up Is fair

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I agree, Tomlin needs to realize he has a guy that should be getting 20 touches going forward. But im definitely not expecting that lol, thanks for the advice thats where i was leaning

I’m in the same spot trying to figure out what his trade value is, do you think his value goes up or down vs LA this week? Lindsay just torched them

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Tbh since i have melvin gordon too i think la is going to get a lead and run the ball alot, limiting how much the steelers offense will have the ball. Plus they have their 3rd string qb, im really worried about conner getting enough opportunities. Then you add in jaylen samuels and it becomes a complete mess lol, im leaning toward playing miles sanders over him in my flex but my league gives points for kick returns so that makes a big difference

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He should torch them but they don’t give him the ball enough and samuels comes in for pass downs which annoys me. I think I’ll hold him because no one wants to pay for him


Would it make sense trading for a qb? Im in a 10 team league with ppl who dont really have fantasy strategy, most teams have 2 qbs, there is actually a team with wilson/wentz and another with prescott/murray. Qb is the only position that im struggling with and i feel like conner is quickly becoming my rb4, no better than rb3 which seems like a good move for either kyler or wentz

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I was thinking about holding at least one more week to see how they use him because maybe with Delvin Hodges under center maybe they might lean on Connor unless I could get someone like Mack, Bell or Gordon even if I have to package him

Yea miles had some pretty nice returns so far this year, and I’m still holding onto hope that he breaksout and steals Howard’s spot

I seriously think thatll happen, im a philly fan and i feel like howard wont be getting half the work by like week 8. Hes been looking great in the passing game too

I started that game against greenbay because I had a feeling a Philly RB would go off lol, miles looked awesome and he’s been dynamic in the passing game to but for some reason Pederson keeps giving Howard more touches than him

I just saw that Samuels got his knee scoped and is out for a month, what does that do to Connor now?

Whoooa thanks for the heads up, might need to wait another week

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Keep conner now. If conner is awesome at being a bell cow expect samuels to get a small load even when he gets backZ

maybe i’m in the minority here but i’m not big on James Connor’s talent at all, but if he’s about to get all the touches i guess there’s an argument for keeping him around. He does have to deal with the 3rd string QB however

Hodges didn’t do that bad in relief, and if Connor gets a bellcow workload plus some pretty run friendly defenses next couple of games maybe he could pick it up

Better to hold now that Samuels is out.