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Need to improve at QB


Sorry, this is long and complicated. Thanks for any advice you can offer.

I drafted Luck and am still waiting for good news about his return. I’ve been using Palmer or whoever is a streaming option. (It’s only an 8-team league, but the other 7 owners have 16 QBs so options are limited.) I have two trade offers to make. The Matt Ryan owner also has Brady so he’s not using Ryan and needs help at WR. My receivers are Evans, Cooks, Tate, Parker, Garcon and DJax. I would offer Tate for Ryan straight up and be willing to throw in Luck or Palmer if he balks. I consulted 3 trade analyzers: one rated it a very bad trade for me, one rated it a slightly poor trade for me and one rated it a good trade for me.

The other potential trading partner has Mariota and Stafford. His WRs are Baldwin, Hilton, Keenan Allen and Jarvis Landry. I’m wondering what to offer here for either of these. Tate for Mariota or Stafford seems high to me, but maybe it’s fair. What do you think?


Stafford on the year I think should be better than Mariota…or at least when you need it…now. And in my opinion I think you should take advantage of your WR. 7 people hold 16 QB’s?? Palmer has been playing well…I’d keep rolling with him. ARZ has some hrad games coming up, but it also means that they may be behind in some games.

I don’t know about you, but if Luck doesn’t come back until NOV or so, the best you’re going to get out of him is what 4 weeks…maybe 5? If colts keep losing they’re not going to rush him back in there. I’d drop Luck. Who is available on your waiver. Luck has been dropped in my leagues…and no one is rushing to pick him up


It’s your call, but something to consider


Depending on who else he has on his team, you can try to sell Tate to the Stafford owner in a 2 for 2 trade that benefits you by selling him on the stack potential of Stafford/Tate. Try to improve in two areas.

For the other team, is it full or half PPR and do you start 2 or 3 WR? If you start 2 than I wouldn’t say Tate for Ryan is crazy with 4 good WRs left.

If you have Palmer though, don’t feel like you have to overpay for a QB. He’s not the best but he’s had back to back 300 yd games, and his schedule for the next 5 weeks has 2 matchups with SF (who just got lit up by Goff), LAR (who struggled against Hoyer), TB (who gave up 369 and 3 TDs to Keenum)


Thanks for your thoughts. As much as I like the idea of streaming QBs with Palmer, Siemian, Cutler, and other ascending options (Watson, Goff, etc.), it’s never worked out all that well for me. However, if I can get the hang of it and wait for a healthy Luck I’d love to go full strength at all other positions. I just lost Montgomery who was my best RB, but picked up Doug Martin to plug that hole. It’s a half-PPR and we start 3 WRs, 2 RBs and a flex. I’ll fish around and see what the Ryan or Stafford/Mariota owners are thinking.


Honestly, I’d hold off. Pick up Watson. I honestly think he has a real shot at being a weekly starter most weeks due to his rushing. And theres just something about the kid.


With everyone having 2 (or more) QBs I suppose there’s very little risk involved in dropping Luck outright. I consider Watson along with a few others who are certainly streamable, but matchup dependent. I guess I don’t mind riding Palmer a little longer, but he had a drop-off last year in the 2nd half of the year and his line isn’t protecting him all that well. Thanks for your input.