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Need to join a league


I am looking for a league to join. I am a very active player and am open to standard, ppr, or .5 ppr scoring. Just want an active league to play in and compete with. I am down to do a dynasty league also. I would prefer to join a league with at least 10 members including myself. I am leaning more towards a free league if possible, but will join if it is a cheaper buy in.



We have two open spots in a 10team espn league. All active players - some more than others, but all paying attention. No buy in and not dynasty. Send me your email if you are interested and I’ll send you an invite. Draft is September 2nd at 6:30pm.


6:30 Eastern Time?


Yep - send me your email if interested. You can message if you would prefer. It is .5ppr by the way


I would really like to but I have a wedding that I am in and would not be able to draft my team. Unless you guys are flexible with the time and it can be done earlier in the day, that would not work for me. Do not want you to feel obligated to do so though.


Might be too difficult to change with everyone now. I really don’t think you’ll have trouble finding a league here. Scroll down and there are a bunch of us looking for people. Have a great afternoon!


Hey you too, good luck this season.


I just want to beat my son!! :rofl: Good luck to you too!


Still looking


I have one spot open in a 1st year dynasty

Email me at thegloriousones2017@gmail.com ASAP if interested.