Need to keep 2 out of 3. Can trade one for draft picks

I have Le’veon Bell, Zeke, and Kareem Hunt. Everyone in the league has to keep 2 of their guys from last year’s roster. Once you select those 2 you can choose anyone else from last years roster to try and trade for draft picks… which only works when you have a surplus of good players obviously. The goal here is to achieve the best combo of my 2 keepers and trading 1 for a pick… I don’t have anyone else that I could trade away for picks realistically. It’s a no-brainer to keep Zeke & Bell and trade Hunt, but I’m not sure how high of a draft pick I can get for Hunt, or if anyone will be interested in trading for him. I can keep Hunt and Bell and trade Zeke for maybe a 1st or 2nd round draft pick… Bell would definitely go for a 1st round pick. Anyway… let me know some of your thoughts.


honestly i think the no brainner is keeping zeke and hunt and trading bell. you still get an RB1, one that has proven he has what it takes to be a top 5 back, but will probably settle around 8th best. you lose production the next few years but he is way younger than bell and still brings so much to the table. you will also get more for bell than you will for hunt. so the values are there for you to go that way. there is a ton of value in having your top 2 RBs locked in for the next 5 years easy. plus the added bonus of being able to have a stronger team this year from your trading bell, and maybe next year too if you get someone to spend enough draft capital that they throw in some picks next year. i would bet someone would pull the trigger hard on some picks for next year just to get bell. there is always that one guy in every league who trades away future picks for this year like its candy. and will over spend just to do so.

so for me, i like hunt and zeke. trade bell while you know the value is still HOT and you are locked in to have a replacement for him with hunt. may not get a chance like that again for a few years.

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Thanks my man! I actually was considering that but I figured the consensus would be to keep Bell and Zeke… the guys on the podcast seem to be worried about Spencer Ware coming back but I think Hunt showed he should be the guy in KC. Bell will definitely draw a ton of offers from guys in my league.

Well funny thing about it, hunt did what he did with 65% share load. I dont think it evens out close to 50% at all with ware back. It might dip to 60% but that’s still a high end 2 with his production last year. I just dont think the needle moves. After what he showed us he was last year, and that ware was never that… I think he slips In and takes west roll as the 35% guy. Leaving hunt with the same share time as last year. That’s why I’m good with keeping him instead of bell. It’s hard to fight keeping bell though, so I understand the concern with not doing it. We know what we have with bell. Hunt did it one year, so there is still that maybe to him. But every great back has that point. Where its yeah, you did it once, can you do it twice? So I always try to plant my flag in players I believe in early in their career. Hunt is one of them.

So long story short, I get it, its bell. But the long play is to have 2 young RBs with very little tread on their tires with top 10 every year potential.

There’s no point in trading away Zeke or Bell for a 1st, because your absolute best case scenario in a first round is to get Bell or Zeke haha. Keep those two and try to get a 1st for Hunt. Someone will gladly pay that price because he is going in the 1st/2nd round of non keeper drafts. Also people are RB crazy this year and paranoid about getting their backs on their rosters early. You’ll be able to get someone to bite on Hunt for a first as long as you play it correctly

Edit: I get that Hunt is younger, but you are only keeping 2 guys here, you can easily find someone else to take his place in a few years when you don’t want to keep Bell any more. SO much will change by then. Who knows, you might even pick up next year’s Alvin Kamara or something off of waivers and want to keep him instead. All I’m saying is Bell is far and away the better option for next year.

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