Need to keep 2 out of 5. Early thoughts?

Hello all,

My league can select two keepers. I need two of these (and listed the round I can keep them):

Dalvin Cook (Round 2)
Joe Mixon (Round 4)
Zach Ertz (Round 6)
Jay Ajayi (Round 9)
Jordan Howard (Round 11)

I got burned keeping Howard and Ajayi last year and am leaning on either Ertz-Howard or Ertz-DCook (depending on my draft spot). I feel that at 11 Howard is too good a value to not keep and getting Ertz at a few rounds value takes some risk out of the situation.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Leaning heavily to ertz-dcook but ertz-Howard is on the table. Also Howard-Cook. I’m picking third if that helps.

I can go WR in 1 (we can’t keep first rounders from last year so any of the top will be available) and cook on the turn at pick 22.

Again, any help would be appreciated.

Jordan Howard is an absolute lock for me and then I really Might go Ajayi. People hate but this year he should get the majority of the carries and he’s on arguably the best offense in the league. A 9th round value is pretty damn good for him

I definitely go Howard at that value. Otherwise I would choose between Cook or Mixon, whomever you have more trust in

Howard is a lock, and then i’d probably take Dalvin Cook. He will go in the 2nd anyways, and i don’t really think Mixon will pan out. Ertz in the 6th is tempting but i’d wait for another good TE in the 9-10 range.