Need to keep 4, first 3 are probably obvious, but what about #4?

Here they are.

This is my first time having to chose keepers but I think the easy calls are McCaffrey, Adams, and I’m probably going to have to go Gurley, though I HATE dealing with the injury. Hate it.

As you can see I dumped a lot of my RBs for WRs in an effort to make the playoffs (don’t ask) but still had a few bad breaks late in the season.

First, I keep Gurley, right? RIGHT?!? Or trade maybe? But probably keep.

Second, who is my #4? Do I even keep a fourth or should I use that round for another RB?

Thanks for the help.

I think it’s easy. Keep Gurley McCaffrey Adams and Williams.


agree, think those are the clear 4, nobody else really for me

For me I’d keep the obvious 3 in CMC, Gurley, & Adams.

If you wanna take a shot & hope for the best in Williams I won’t blame you. But I’d use that 4th rounder to see who I can pick up. News came out today that Andy Reid wants to run a RBBC.