Need to Make a Move to be a Playoff Contender

Hey everyone!
1/2 PPT PPR Redraft
QB: Smith and Mariotta
RB: DJ, Elliot, Ingram, Anderson and McFadden
WR: TY Hilton, Hogan, Garcon, Shepard, Funches
TE: Kelce
I am 3-5 and cannot lose another game, it seams all my receivers are inconsistent and I feel I have two options, trade for one or drop one for Corey Davis who is on the waiver wire. Also the Jarvis Landry Owner is weak on RB so I was thinking trading Anderson for him. What do you guys think?

drop funchess for davis;
you’re fine with smith at QB; INgram and Elliot are great at RB.
I think TY is an every week start, but play matchups with him.
shepherd will be good whenever he’s back from the bye, he’s the only non-practice squad receiver on that team, and davis is a great stash.

If u cannot lose another game then Corey Davis doesn’t help ya…

Def shop CJ and see if you can get a laundry or wr2/wr1upside guy.

Heck id even shop TY to a team that’s 6-1 or a colts lover in your league.

Thanks guys! I am going to try to shop TY for sure, I just got burned by him, anderson and hogan last week so still have a sour taste in my mouth with them.
Frosty you made a good point with me having to win this week lol, might drop funches for davis if I end up benching him this week (funches seems to have a good matchup). Anderson is in my flex with Hilton and Funches on my bench for the week.