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Need to make room for a kicker, who to drop?


DeVante Parker, Sammy Watkins, Hunter Henry, Austin Seferian Jenkins, Bilal Powell, Samaje Perine … who to drop? It’s a 9 keeper dynasty league. I have Zeke, McCoy on byes and Cook on IR


Does your league have an IR? if not I would just drop your current kicker


Yes Cook is already on my IR … I did drop my kicker Wed. morning when I picked A. Smith up to backup Brady and I picked ASJ up as well. Those guys made it through waivers so I got rid of my kicker and Jared Cook and woudl figure the the rest out before Sunday lol.


How fast do trades go through? I would honestly shop a bundle with Smith and someone else and get an upgrade at a position then you have a free roster spot. You could get something great for Smith but it depends on how fast trades go through.


I would drop one of the tight ends


Trades can go through rather quick…do I shop Smith and McCoy for an upgrade at RB with the Zeke suspension?


If you are willing to get rid of McCoy that would be a bundle that could get you something really shinny. I don’t think Zeke should factor in just yet though… apparently there is another appeal that is going to happen and who know if it even does anything for him this season.


unless you lost too many games this is a classic case of roster mismanagement thats leading towards just playing without a K


I’m 3-2 right now, tied for 1st place in my division. Injuries def. played a part in being in this situation unfortunately.


Drop a TE. Dont need two streamer TEs


Given the record I agree with jpaquin, only hold 1 te.