Need to make room for my boom boom kicker

I am debating between demarcus Robinson and michael Gallup with my lean toward Robinson. I think ROS gallup has the edge when hill returns to the Chiefs. What does everyone else think?

those are the weakest players on your team?

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It’s 10 team.

I have dak and Goff

Barkley Carson mixon breida sanders and gallman

Boyd Jones Evans Gallup Robinson Samuel

Waller hockenson

Pittsburg def

No kicker yet

I would usually drop a QB or TE and almost dropped hockenson but the waiver is trash at QB and TE

lol well then…I hate dropping good players. Whats your record? maybe find someone to trade a 2-1. Upgrade at WR or RB.

Worse case scenario…wait till the monday night game and pick up a kicker from that game. IF you are crushing your opponent and don’t need the points, don’t drop anyone?

Maybe thats a bad idea…who knows.

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Just my opinion… How many injuries would have to occur to actually play Gallup? Robinson is startable this week…

ROS value doesn’t really matter when you’ve got 5 guys better at a position… sure if you can quick-flip a 2 for 1 to upgrade a starter have at it… otherwise… Gallup IMO and it frees you up for waivers if Robinson isn’t relevant when Hill gets back…

But seriously… I’d start Robinson vs Detroit over Boyd/Gallup/Samuel/Sanders/Gallman/obv Brieda on BYE/ and probably Mixon the way he’s been playing :slight_smile:

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