Need to maximize points this week

Just got another let down from Cam Newton and Mike Evans last night so I am already on the back foot. I have 2 RB spots, 1 WR spot, and a flex spot. My options are:

Sony Michel
Chris Carson
Robert Woods
John Brown
Marquise Brown

Which four should I play to have a hope in hell of being competitive?

I’d go Barkley, Carson, Woods, and M Brown (for the possible blowup). You could also take a shot on Sony having a big game based on game script, but Burkhead scares me.

RB1 = Barkley (best RB in the league)
RB2 = Chris Carson (catches a lot of passes and can run)
WR2 = Robert Woods (should be high scoring game)
Flex = Hollywood Brown (take the flier on a big game again. Plus, he’s playing against the Cardinals that made the Lions passing look pretty good)

John Brown = Pretty tough compared to Hollywood but Buffalo was behind so they were taking shots. I don’t think they’ll be playing too far from behind against the Giants. Allen might run rather than take a shot if the game is close or they are winning. Plus, Allen turned the ball over a bunch last week, I think he will be more careful this week.

Sony Michel = There are so many options for the Pats, however, I could see the argument that they may be so far ahead Sony will get the ball a lot. I’m also of the opinion they might not play him too much so he doesn’t get hurt. I think Chris Carson will play the whole game which is why I lean him.

Just my thoughts.

Looks like Mike and I agree.

I guess the big question is between throwing Sony or Hollywood in the flex. Sony has a choice matchup but, you know, its new England so who knows if they’ll even play him. Hollywood had a huge ceiling but was last week just a flash in the pan or is he the real deal? Headscratcher