Need to move Gronk

OJ Howard is on waivers, and at this point at 2-4 I can’t have all this value tied up in an underperforming Gronk. I know he should finish in the top three, but what good does that do me if I finish 7-7?

I’m pretty deep at RB, but desperately need help at WR. There’s a diehard Patriots fan in my league who currently has Thielen, Cupp, and Boyd. Would a 1 for 1 on Thielen be asking too much for Gronk?

There’s no way someone is giving up Thielen for Gronk. Pats fan or not. What the rest of his roster? What’s his TE situation?

Yes that would be an insane price for Gronk, no one would ever pay that. Who else is weak at TE in your league with a decent WR core you could go after? What do they have? Kupp would be good to get but as he’s hurt wont help you right away and is risky to trade at top 3-5 TE for.

His TE is Jared Cook (bye).

RBs are Barkley, Yeldon, Lynch (bye), Hyde, Fournette, Lindsay
WRs are Thielen, Kupp, DJax, Boyd

I don’t think I would feel good doing Gronk for Boyd, but don’t think he’d throw anyone useful in.

The only other guy in my league who desperately needs a TE is my opponent this week, and all his top WRs are on bye.

Best guy he’s got is Goodwin.

Which owners don’t have Ertz, Kelce, Ebron, Njoku, Graham and maybe Howard - they are the owners to avoid because they will be ridging the points high. Yes Goodwin is a no, who would be the other options with any TE outside of those guys above i’d target any of them with a solid WR2 or an underperforming WR1 like an OBJ for example.

What about Gronk for Cupp AND Boyd?

That’s a little more realistic and you’re getting 2 WR who will definitely provide value each week.

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I’d be open to that too if the Kupp/Boyd owner would go for it and you can drop someone to do the deal

If the owner is hesitant- You could even point out the fact that Cupp is sidelined for a few weeks so you won’t even be able to play him for the time being.

It’s a 10-man, and here are the other TE situations:
Jordan Reed (this guy loves Reed and thinks he’s the GOAT)
Kyle Rudolph (WR are Allen and Landry)
Kittle (WR are Thomas and Hill, he’s 5-1 and in my division - if this trade helps him I have no chance of making playoffs)
James (my opponent this week)
Cook (guy with Kupp, Thielen, Boyd)
Burton (WR are Jeffry and Evans, but this guy doesn’t do trades and also hates me)

I like the idea of going Kupp AND Boyd. Still sucks to give up a guy I picked top of the 3rd, but at least I can rest easy knowing my first 5 picks in the draft were busts (DJohnson, JMcKinnon, Gronk, Baldwin, ACooper)

Okay here’s what i would do:

(1) Talk to the Kittle owner for MT or Hill - worry about making the playoffs yourself don’t worry about what the other guys are doing or may get from you. I don’t think you’d get MT but i’d press hard for him over Hill here.
(2)- Talk to the Rudolph owner about Allen and i doubt he’d give you Landry as well but you never know.
(3a)- Talk to the Cook owner as mentioned for Kupp and Boyd.
(3b) Oh and talk to the Burton owner for Jeffery just incase.

That’s what i would do. I’d be happy with any of these but I’ve ranked () next to the above in the preferred result, obviously a couple will be tricky but worth the effort.

Thanks - I appreciate the perspective.

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No worries and good luck!