Need to pick 2 keepers!

Sup clan, ten team with the 9th pick, keeper league half PPR, keep two but different positions. Choosing a RB/WR combo here

Dalvin Cook at 1.09
Zeke at 2.02

Thielen at 4.02
Cooper Cupp at 5.09


Do you know I who else is being kept in the first round?

My gut says Zeke and thielen without knowing any other keepers

I’m keeping Zeke and Cupp.

I agree that other keepers are a factor, as they determine who you can pick with that 1.09, but I think I’d agree with morestagedives, and keep Zeke and Cupp. Both are players you’ll be happy to have, and the value at those spots is also very good

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i’m on the zeke and cupp train