Need to pick 2 that have most upside- PPR

I’m projected to lose by like 15 points already so I need most upside here. I need 2 players to start.

Devin Singeltary vs Browns
Jamison Crowder vs Giants
Robert Woods vs Steelers (weird this is even a consideration)

I wouldn’t doubt if singletary finished with 100+ yards, a TD and a few receptions. It’s highly probable at this point considering the stats from the last few weeks. Crowder is Darnold’s favorite target and should have a fine game, but he doesn’t have the ceiling singletary or woods give you. Woods has been a huge disappointment for this year and I’d probably bench him for singletary due to that. Goff barely looks at him it seems. He was wide open in the endzone a week or two ago and Goff just ignored him(he had to have seen him he was standing basically right in front of him)

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Thank you. That is where i was leaning anyways. I have woods and mixon and have been completely disappointed by both