Need to pick a flex. Who’s best this week

Baldwin, J Brown, Boyd, Westbrook or Brieda.

I would play John Brown. He’s really surprise me at how good he has been. Good matchup against Cleveland, should be a gritty divisional game. Baldwin plays the Rams, he could face Peters, and the Rams pass rush should carve through that offensive line. I don’t know what to think about the other 3. Brieda plays a bad run defense on paper, but I think they are better than the stats suggest, they have had a tougher schedule than many other teams. But Jimmy G is out, Goodwin is banged up. I’m playing the Cardinals D/ST against them so I’m clearly not confident in the 49ers, lol.

I think Brown is the best option, good luck this week.

Brown is my choice too

And he’s a deep threat each week and gets red zone looks

I’d go wtih Brown as well.

Thanks all. Really appreciate it. Harder to make decisions with your own team.