Need to pick up a WR

10 Team Standard - Please pick 1:
Drop Tyrell Williams for: Funchess or Agholor?

I’m weak in WR and #1 on waivers this week so I really need to pick someone up this week before there’s no one left that’s worth picking up. My other WR are: K. Allen, R. Cobb, A. Thielen and A. Cooper. If it helps, my QB are Rodgers & Winston. My RB are Fournette, D. Murray, Abdullah & T. Cohen. Thanks!!

Yeah I’d drop Williams for Funchess for sure. Funchess is starting to look good and I think is a solid grab.

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Thanks for the reply! I’ve been leaning a little more towards Agholor but I think I trust in Funchess’ consistency level a little more. :+1:

I would pick up Funchess too!

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