Need to pick up back-up QB asap

I started the season with Rodgers and and Jimmy G, felt solid.

Now that Jimmy G is out I don’t have a back-up QB in case Rodgers’ knee injury forces him to sit for an extended time.

Looking to pick up a QB before week 4 but struggling to choose. Here are my options:

Tannehill, bortles, dalton, flacco, alex smith, josh allen, manning, keenum, prescott, carr, trubisky, darnold, mariota, mayfield.

Gut leans towards – Baker mayfield, dalton, smith

It’s not really necessary to roster 2 QBs. If something were to happen to Rodgers, just stream the position each week based on who has a good matchup. I’d use that roster spot on a more valuable position

Good thinking. Thanks for the advice

Dalton would be my pick. Agree you can stream easily