Need to pick up Derik Henry

I who would you drop?

(Going to pick up Henry to place in my IR spot in case he comes back for the playoffs.)

Melvin Gordon, Dawson Knox, Brandin cooks, Odell Beckham, or Chase Claypool

Obj in my opinion. I would never really feel comfortable starting him now.


I was thinking OBJ as well.

I was contemplating Claypool, I didn’t mention that I have Diontae Johnson in my starting lineup.

Dawson Knox was a thought because I have Travis Kelce but going into the playoffs it might be good to hold too tight ends which I don’t normally do.

Knox is a cut candidate too. Outside of a Kelce injury, Knox wont be in your lineup (despite his break out year) and I, personally, wouldnt use Knox as a flex unless desparate.

As usual thouh, I agree with @Mr_Wind-up_Bird with OBJ as your first cut choice.

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Yeah I agree I think Odell Beckham might be the way to go.

I think obj was put in practice squad

I’m not able to find any information on that

I might have gotten him mixed up with some else.

Understand your strategy. However, the odds of Henry coming back are so low that I would not risk losing your current drop candidates.