Need to pickup a streaming qb a week early

I’m out of FAAB for the year so Ive been picking up players a week early.

I have Tom Brady and he’s on bye next week so I’m looking to find a streaming qb. I currently have Lance and I was hoping that he’d take over by now but that didn’t happen.

My best options from what’s available is:
Daniel Jones vs LV
Teddy B vs DAL
Carson W vs NYJ

4pts TD
1pt 25 yds passing
1pt 10 yds rushing
-1 pt per turnover

I’d go Teddy B v Dal since Dal out of those defenses has been giving up the most points to the quarterback. Raiders D isn’t too bad & Carson probably won’t have to do much against the Jets.

Wentz would be my pick. Look what Mac Jones just did to them…

Funny enough I’m leaning towards Daniel Jones. It’s the worst matchup out of the 3 but with his rushing baseline I think h has the highest floor.

Teddy is intriguing since he’s playing the Cowboys who should put up a bunch of points.

I like the jones options tbh, but wents I think is also pretty good

Danny Dimes IF he has at least Shepard and Toney back by week 9.

Otherwise, probably Teddy B slightly since he will Jeudy back. However, DAL defense gives up yards but also gets turnovers and sacks, which he has been suffering from.

Wentz is still in a smash spot but JT could destroy NYJ in that game and Wentz won’t have to do much.

Can’t go wrong with Teddy B or Wentz, imho.