Need to play safe

Just played against Keenan and we all know what he did. I played Justin Jackson so I got a good head start, but my opponent still has a good lineup regardless of Keenan (as do I though).

Trying to decide who to play for my Flex 2 spot - just need someone who won’t drown me by putting up a complete dud.

Looking at Sutton, Reynolds, Godwin or Josh Adams. Any help would be great, thank you all!

No chance of a complete dud…probably Sutton. Denzel Ward out for CLE.
Josh Adams could game script out quick, Reynolds could have 0 catches, and Godwin is in tough against BAL.

In my mind a safe play is a starting RB. I would lean towards Josh Adams since he’s guaranteed touches. Sutton could put up zero but he’s a better play than Reynolds or Godwin.

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This is a good point. Adams is least likely to get zero points…

@jrfearr @killer15 thanks for that insight. Honestly was not a point I had thought of but makes so much sense. Think he was the last of the 4 I would’ve started with Wentz out but turned out to be a great move plugging him in it looks like.