Need to replace Brees

Need to replace Brees. At least until Thomas is back. Tannehill and Minshew are both on waivers. Both have good matchups this week. Minshew seems to have a better schedule in the near future. Who would you go with? 6pt TD

Either one
my crystal ball broken
but… Tannehill since taking over… has had top 10 QB ratings … almost every week.
Minshew is a lot better than I thought he would be and they are just gun slinging it.

Pick them both up and stream them

Brees,… looked old last night.
As a lifetime Chargers Fan and having watched him and routed for him.
Father time has caught up to him.

But should I drop Brees? Or try and wait if I can to see if things change when Thomas gets back? Just feel weird dropping Brees

I don’t think you’re gonna miss with Tannehill or Minshew, I’m looking at picking one of them up this week as well. Depending on your depth, you could hold on to Brees and pick up one of those guys but if you don’t have the depth I’d just drop him. I don’t think he’ll be a QB1 this year and there’s never anything wrong with streaming QBs if you don’t have one of the top few tier type of guys.

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Tough call he is a drop for me unless I have some other trash on Bench that will never see your line-up

Mitch Trubisky was QB 2 …
Justin Herbert put up 300/2…

So much Depth

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Herbert is not a bad option this week

Tyrod is out with the collapsed lung and Herbert looked good
has wheels and can run too.

Playing Carolina this week and it a good matchup.
Brees has PAckers and no M Thomas…

Tough… choice… knock on wood… rub my tummy and do three circles and pat my head my team healthy

As anyone who has played FF for any time knows… it is 50% draft and 50% waiver the 1st few weeks… A few years ago I watched Adrian Peterson yell at Sean Payton in 1st game and I though … well if he is startng in front of AP… I am picking him up and I had got Kamara and I had Ingram, McCoy, and Fornete it was hard sitting someone each week but Bye weeks are awesome as I had 4 headed monster and started 3 of the 4 every week.

So, look at your bench and ask yourself if “the guy” you are hesitant to drop or pickup is starting or just going to your bench to… never see your lineup

Sometimes… no move is a good move. But Brees… doesnt pass the eye test to me.
Tannehill is just keeps producing and so does Minsweh cant go wrong with either.