Need to replace Kupp from Waivers!

I need some help ranking top 3 options to target.

J. Reynolds, A. Miller, K. Coutee, C. Kirk, T. Williams, R. Cobb,

My current WR roster with Kupp gone is: M Thomas, C Ridley, J Brown

Cobb sucks so he’s out. Coutee constantly injured and honestly loses value to DT. I would rank remainder as follows:

Miller > Reynolds > Kirk > Williams.

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So you like Miller/Trubisky combo better than Reynolds/Goff?

Gotta love fantasy…I trade Boyd/Burton for Kelce and then same week Kupp goes down. FML…went from deep WR roster to Waiver Wire streaming lol

Close your eyes and pick - there isn’t a whole lot of difference between those options. Miller and Gabriel fight for the number 2 in Chicago. Reynolds WR3. Coutee WR3. Kirk WR2 on a bad offense. T. Williams/ M. Williams WR2.

I would personally go Miller or WIlliams.

I like miller more by a bit mainly cause I think he can actually have a shot at being the #2 or #1 target on the team given Trubisky’s tendencies to prefer the middle of the field. Reynolds will never be more than the #3 option behind Cooks and Woods.

Also, i watched zero tape and did zero research on reynolds from college whereas I did extensive analysis on miller and so I trust in his talent/ability more.

I wouldn’t fight you if you took reynolds.

ok cool now if i get Miller (which i should) would you start Miller over Ridley or Brown?

Probably not over Ridley but Brown has burned me a couple times this season so I’m hesitant to start him.

My thoughts are to start Thomas and Ridley then Miller at Flex?

Oh cool- I’m actually gonna drop Baldwin and pick up Miller.
I can’t trade him to save my life and he’s not producing. I rather have Miller on my bench or thrown in my line up.

It depends on the matchup between Ridley/Brown/Miller. They are all very close.

Not like Ridley hasn’t burned you either. Both rookie receivers, it happens.