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Need to revamp roster with Trade


So I got bit big time by the OBJ injury.

Right now my roster looks like this:

12 Team full PPR (I’m 3-1 and likely 3-2).

1 QB
2 WR
2 RB
1 TE

QBs: Wentz Cousins
RB: Gurley Powell Blount Buck Allen Gallman
WR: OBJ Baldwin Pryor Thielen Tyrell Williams
TE: Engram

I have a person willing to go Evans for Gurley straight up.

I am thinking of pivoting to Hopkins owner. Try to get Hopkins Demarco for Gurley.

Or do I sit and wait?


I would not go Evans for Gurley. Don’t overreact to the injury. Gurley is worth more than OBJ was, and is also worth more than Evans. It doesn’t make sense to sell low on Gurley and get a WR1. If you do that, then you are just as weak at RB as you are at WR right now, if not more so.


I agree, was wondering if I was crazy to try and wait this out. I could still hold on to 2nd and a 4-1 record after tonight and 7 wins essentially gets you in.

Obviously it’s been difficult, it’s a highly competitive league and guys try to get in your head, all of our rosters have been destroyed by injury, first league I’ve seen where the majority of the major injuries have been spread out. Everyone is thin.


I would rather Hopkins and Murray than Evans straight up cuz you don’t have the RB depth to trade Gurley without getting a starting caliber RB in return. I wouldn’t rush into a decision though. That said, Gurley is entering a gauntlet and if you’re going to trade him the time is now.