Need to snag a RB - who would you pick

I have Sony Michel and I’m preparing for bad news. Doug Martin, J Richard, M Davis and Montgomery are all still available on wavers due to the bye weeks. Who has the best floor and best ceiling? Standard league scoring.

I’d take a shot with Martin I guess. I’m in a similar boat but luckily got Ito smith. Hopefully he pans out or I am in deep trouble

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Im in trouble too

I got

Im panicking a little bit after the Hyde trade and Im really panicking now that Michel is down… Im scared of whats gonna happen with Bell… Im screwed cause waivers are Bare as Bare can be so I have no idea who to pick up… I need to make a trade I think

Martin seems like the only play. I may be able to upgrade on wavers but will go after him now.

Don’t forget Kenjon Barber, there’s no way the Pats only utilize 1 RB. I think there’s a fair chance Barber acts as a handcuff.
The Patriots can still Patriot and find some random practice squad player, but Barber has to have the best shot currently.

I’d go after Conner with a vengeance