Need To Start 2 of These 3

Need to start 2 of these 3 guys:

  1. Mike Evans: Focal point of the Bucs offense so will get a good share of targets. But his QB is Fitz and he will most likely be shadowed by Lattimore so…

  2. Amari Cooper: Looks like he will be playing out of the slot so might not be shadowed by Talib or Peters and Raiders will likely be down a lot so Carr will air it out. But they’re playing the Rams and their Defense looks sick, could also be shadowed and get shut down so…

  3. LeSean McCoy: Only big playmaker on the Bills so he will see a lot of volume coming his way. But their QB is trash, O-Line is weak and the Ravens will focus on stopping him so…

League is .5 PPR

Right now I’m leaning toward starting McCoy and Cooper but I’m unsure so I’m looking to you guys for some input. Let me know what you guys think!

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I agree shady and cooper all day without winston in

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shady and cooper sounds good. but the bucs are going to be slinging it too. just difference between QB talent.

So who would you rather start, Evans or Cooper? @jake_mcpherson

I would say Evans and cooper. They all have awful matchups but at this point you have to hope for the big play from these guys. I think Cooper will have a shot to break one if they are playing from behind and same with Evans. And I do realize Mike Evans QB is Fitz but thats not necessarily a bad thing because he literally only has eyes for receivers especially Evans.

This isn’t going to be helpful, because it’s another opinion. But I say Evans and Shady. Fitzmagic is gonna chuck the ball all over the place. And some of those are NOT going to go to Saints’ DBs. Bills have no choice but to run, run, run with Shady. Cooper, while I think he’ll be great this year, draws the Rams for his first game under coach Gruden. Who knows for sure what their gameplan is gonna be? Yes, I know the Rams DBs aren’t spectacular, but their D is great overall.

Evans & McCoy for me.

Just ran them through the Ballers new Start/Sit tool and it says Evans unanimously and only Jason says Cooper over Shady.

cooper but barely. i think both teams are in the same situation as far as playing from behind