Need to stream a QB!

Need to stream a QB. My options are:


…Or Keenum

Wilson for me… they are reasonably healthy and Lions aren’t a bad match up

It would be either Flacco or Wilson for me.

Detroit run d ain’t great so Seattle will likely try to run the ball a whole bunch, however, that could change if they get behind quick then they will have to air it out. Wilson hasn’t been running that much and it has affected his floor. His TD percentage is way higher than expected for the amount of yards he has been throwing so there may be some regression coming.

My only issue with Flacco is Bal is content to run and play D. Car D is solid and Flacco can be hit or miss. Wilson has the better track record for excelling as the season goes along.

Yeah, you aren’t wrong there. My biggest worry is Schottenheimer. He wants to just run the football despite having a QB who can get it done on the ground and through the air.

Also I am playing against Wilson this week so I am hoping I am correct in analysis!

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Yeah… Flacco for me just isn’t consistent and while he takes his shots a few time downfield, he’s content to dump offs and using the TE. Car and Bal just has that feeling of a low scoring grinder game. Wilson will have Dickson back, full complement of WR and a run game that has to be accounted for. Sea is in a decent place for a 2nd half run

What do you guys think about Winston over Wilson??. I’m tempted to drop Wilson for Winston. Full point ppr. I currently have been using M. Ryan as my QB1.

Winston. They don’t even pretend to run in TB.

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Prob Wilson. baker a gambler’s option vs PIT too. Winston above both. But I hate that guy. He’s gross.