Need to stream a Qb

Not sure who to stream this week, not many options out there on the waiver wire.

Dak, Bortles, Alex Smith, Mullins, Mayfield, Mariota?? I’m kinda leaning Smith and I know the offense is beat up, but the Bucs secondary is a joke. I’d know because I’m a Bucs fan. Anywho any advice on those guys or others? Thanks y’all.

Out of those guys, I like Smith the most I think. I actually like Eli this week too, if he’s available. I think he can put up solid numbers against SF, and then he gets TB next week too

Smith would definitely be a fine start but Bortles coming off a bye against the mediocre Colts D could be strong too. He’s more of a roll of the dice but he always puts up his big games against good offenses. Plus he runs.

Another option: Considering Nick Mullens just Drew Bledsoed CJ Beathard, I’m putting 2 and 2 together and buying Mullens stock