Need to swing for the fenses

Aaron Jones put me in a hole last night against the highest projected team in my league. As of now, I’m projected to lose by 20. I need upside plays. That being said, should I start Kyle Murray over Lamar Jackson? If so, should I stack him with Fitzgerald in one of my flex spots over Devin Coleman and/or Justice Hill? Thanks

Sucks but the writing was on the wall. Maybe Justice Hill. He was making starting LB’s look like scrubs. Against Miami, should do well even with limited work. They are going to have to preserve old man Ingram. If they get up in the 4th I could see Hill getting an uptick in use. My two cents…

I would play Jackson and Tevin Coleman. I do not trust the Cards offense yet. They need to earn it in season long fantasy.

Don’t panic! It’s only week 1.

I’m hoping for a big first week for Jackson, that the projection of his passing game improving come true. I’m personally waiting to see what Hill can do before I start putting him into rotation, but if you’re already down, it may almost be worth the risk

I would temper Jackson week 1 projection. If the Ravens put away the Dolphins in the first half, we might see RG3.