Need to trade for a QB

I play in a 12 team 2x QB league .5 PPR… So naturally there are zero QBs on the waiver wire…

I was a bonehead and Drafted 2 QBs with the same buy week (Mariota and Palmer) I also have Kizer on my bench… I’m trying to trade for a QB with a Package of Palmer + 1 RB

I am super deep at RB so I wanna try and flip one of them… Who should I try and flip out of these RBs
Melvin Gordon
Todd Gurley
Ty Montgomery
Doug Martin
Tarik Cohen

Everyone I would try and trade with is very thin on RB so I feel its my best chance

I’d say Cohen, I feel like a lot of people are looking for him because of this past week

See I disagree with the Cohen hate… Chicago has no one to throw the ball too I see him being very valuable down the stretch especially with a PPR format… But thats why im asking cause I legit see everyone of these RBs being helpful during the season lol… Its deciding which one is expendable… Thanks for the input

I’m not hating on him I’m saying a lot of people are trying to pick him up right now so I feel like you could package him for a good deal

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