Need to turn too many RBs into a starting WR

Here is my current roster:

Doug Martin
DeMarco Murray
Marshawn Lynch
Ty Montgomery
Mike Gillislee
I’ve also put in a fairly large FAAB bid on Mark Ingram who was dropped before the AP trade

Mike Evans
Brandin Cooks
Pierre Garcon
DeSean Jackson
Golden Tate (on bye, plus out for multiple weeks)
DeVante Parker (questionable)
Danny Amendola

At some point I need to clear space for Luck who has been in my IR spot. Until this week I felt strongest at WR, but I clearly have too many RBs and may need to get a starting WR to fill in for Tate and Parker and upcoming bye weeks. Where do I begin? What kind of package deal should I put together and what level of WR should I target?

Standard or PPR and how many WRs/RBs/flex spots?

Half-PPR, start 3 WRs, 2 RBs, 1 flex

Per the Fantasy Footballers Monday Podcast, Pierre Garçons value is likely to take a hit, may be a good start to include him in your offers.

I just offered Garcon, Gilly and Ty Montgomery for Demaryius Thomas. It’s an 8-team league so a top 8 WR is very valuable. I have no confidence in Gilly and Montgomery so whatever I can get for them is worth it.

he had 8 targets when Beathard came in

I knew that all of his catches were from Beathard. Sounds like conflicting info. The guy I’m trading with is from the DC area so probably has good memories of Garcon with the Redskins.

I just altered the trade offer. I’m offering DeSean Jackson, Gilly and Ty Montgomery for Demaryius Thomas.