Need to upgrade RB - package trade

I’m trying to package deal a couple of players to grab a solid running back.

Current team:

RBs: Gordon, Collins, Coleman, Kerryon Johnson, Eckler
WRs: Julio Jones, Tate, Corey Davis, Callaway, Coutee, (also have Dez Bryant in extra bench spot)
TEs: Cook, Doyle

Was considering targeting Fournette or DJ due to likely lower cost - but any suggestions are appreciated.

12 team 1/2 pt ppr

Don’t target fournette, that hamstring injury is going to be a crutch for him all season

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I’d try and turn Kerryon Johnson into someone like Sony Michele.

Much lower cost than the players you are targeting but having an RB2 value higher than Collins, in my opinion

I have a feeling that Michel’s value is higher now than ever. In the NE offense, I think it is unlikely he sniffs 100yds much this year. Granted last week he went off, but with the return of Edelman, I think that Brady will be airing it out as much as possible. Brady restructured his deal which gives him an additional $5m on the line based on hitting certain (not easy) targets over the season, as did Gronk. I would venture to guess that the NE offense will be HEAVY passing going forward, of course assuming health all the way around.

just checked the data for the last 5 years, and the stats show that with the exception of 2015 (65% throw vs 35% run) the pats are always in the back half of the league in pass vs run plays.

They average around ~55% throw to 45% run.

So they actually run the ball just as much, if not more than most other teams.

And as a resident Pats fan (born and raised in MA) i can tell you we’ve never been thinner at WR right now.

Thank god edleman’s back, because the last 4 weeks have been brutal to watch. (Miami was nice, largely in part to White and Michele)