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Need trade advice - also am I creating an unstoppable opponent?


4 keeper (can only double up on one position), standard (non-PPR) league. Have not declared keepers yet.

Should I trade Julio Jones and Doug Martin for Mike Evans and Jordan Howard?

Do I worry about creating a super team?

I have Julio, Gordon, Gronk, and probably Doug Martin (not going with Ty Montgomery and Lacy).
The other team would be protecting David Johnson, Shady, Mike Evans, Rule 86. Arguably a super team already, but that team would get even better upgrading Evans to Julio.


Also, this is a 10 team league.


I would do it if I were you.

He can’t keep Martin so it’s really Julio for Evans/Howard. That gives you a darn good RB set and Evans has high upside this year. I wouldn’t worry about the other team in this case.

Only thing I may consider is…he can’t keep Jordon Howard. So is it possible for you to keep Julio Jones and end up with Howard in the draft?


Thanks for the response.

Unfortunately, I snuck into the playoffs and lost (7-0 and then lost 7 games including playoffs), so I’ll have the 7th pick. Probably no Howard even if he goes into the pool. He will most likely trade Howard to another team if I can’t make a decent offer. Best I can do is a 3rd because I traded away my 2nd already. Not doing a first.