Need Trade Advice: David Johnson *TIME SENSITIVE*

12 person, PPR.

Give: JuJu + Latavious Murray

Get: David Johnson

My RBs: Kamara, Latavious Murray, Isaiah Crowell, Jalen Richard, Payton Barber.

My WR’s: Michael Thomas, Juju, Kirk, Trequan Smith.


I personally wouldn’t because of what your current team composition is.

While I still think DJ is a good RB(I’m a DJ owner myself), and definitely has potential with a new OC coming in, I don’t think you need it. You have MT+JuJu which is a solid WR lineup, and Kamara leading your RBs. While I agree you need a boost at RB, I think the expense of losing JuJu and Murray(who has began to show more and more production lately) is too much.

I’m not 100% on this… @MikeMeUpp?

thanks for the response. Yeah, I’m on the fence too. I see it as losing a WR1 for a fringe RB1, Plus losing the possibility of a RB2. Per week they would net me about 25-30 points in PPR. Johnson has yet to do that consistently.

Would you agree?

Yup I would agree with you there, you’re losing a WR1+RB2 for a low end RB1 right now.

That’s a close call for DJ. Murray is useful for as long as Cook is out. Also with Powell on IR, maybe crowell might have some more fantasy value.

I think the biggest issue with your team is you have Kamara/MT/Smith. Not sure if you want to be that loaded on the saints.

Thanks for the response! Yeah, I didn’t realize that they were on the same team until I had them both. This is my first year i’m taking fantasy seriously so I’m really trying to learn. I could drop smith and change him out for a dif. WW person.

Anyways, I don’t think I’m going to go for it just yet. Maybe with DJ going on bye next week I can get him for cheaper.

Would just Juju be worth it ? Or is even that too much to pay for him ?