Need trade advice / Julio offer

Full ppr someone just offered me Allen Robinson and ekeler for Julio…worth it?

Do you need help at wr and flex?

I need RB helpz. I have Golladay chark woods and then Zeke and mixon

Assume redraft. I like that move. Are you a contender?

I’m 3-3 and hopefully going 4-3 after tonight.

I like the trade

I don’t like the trade, I think you can do better for Julio. Honestly, your WR are not bad without Julio and I would shoot higher than a Eckler RB. I really like Eckler, but there are a lot of unknowns with Gordon and that offense. Since you have decent flex WR options, I’d shoot more stable RB and a upside WR.

I’d definitely make that trade Mixon is trash