Need Trade Advice - My Buck Allen & Allen Hurns FOR T.Y. Hilton

We are approaching that time of year where Hilton can become a factor once again. At the same time, I am short on good receivers. My only argument for keeping buck allen around, is if he has two good games in a row and I could trade him for someone better - but I doubt it.

My team (PPR):

QB1: Dak Prescott
RB1: LevBell
RB2: Mccoy
WR1: Michael Thomas
WR2: Davante Adams
TE1: Zach Ertz
Flex: Mixon/Martin

What do you guys think?

Not sure what your current record is, but I’d take the trade. Hopefully, Andrew Luck is able to get things going soon. Seems like you’re getting the better end of it in the long run. I’m currently trying to trade for Buck Allen, and I just got offered Allen and Kupp for Will Fuller. The reaper got Dalvin Cook on my roster and I’m scrambling to grab an RB.

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I’m 4-0 and I ain’t looking back.

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Definitely take the trade. With Luck slowly coming back, Hilton ‘should’ be back to WR1 numbers.

Buck Allen is in a RBBC and Hurns has Bortles throwing him the ball.


Yesssssss. TY is playing San Fean this week and will probably shine regardless of who is throwing him the ball. Do it now before his stock rises