Need trade advice please deadline is coming

Looking into 2 separate trades…

First off this is a PPR league…I hav Goff and McCown as my QB’s and after last performance against Minnesota I don’t feel comfortable that Goff is the answer the rest of the way considering his not so easy ROS and now losing his best wr option for a few weeks…

First trade is me giving up McKinnon and getting Brees…

BTW these r my rbs…

Second trade…me sending Adams, Drake and my 8th waiver wire pick and in return I get Mike Evans and the 1st waiver pick this week…I could then use that pick to get Latavius Murray pretty much replacing McKinnon who has seemed to of lost snaps to Murray 3 games straight now…

I love your second trade! I don’t like the first trade though. I get the logic to get Murray but since it’s PPR I think McKinnon is too valuable and you are super thin at RB. If you can pull it off like you put here it’s a push for me I would just be nervous with your RB 2 being Murray. Goff is a matchup play only ROS

Appreciate the insight…

I could also trade Baldwin for Brees…my wr crew is…


I would feel better about Adams for Brees. Hogan should be back soon and cover down your WR2. With Fitz as a home/matchup based play. I feel like Baldwin is your best WR

Tonight Baldwin decided to stay in bed…

Can’t deal adams in the first trade cause kid in the second trade wants Adams

Yeah…I would have to agree with @casperhodi about McKinnon. I wouldn’t turn loose of him yet. He’s too good. And other than Car in week 14…his ROS schedule isn’t one to shrug at!!

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He’ll get his in garbage time if the Falcons score here.

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Tru wilson is mr 4th Q…

Lol there it is

#truth it’s been a good week for me advice wise haha

Haha thanks for ur help!